Friday, March 15, 2013


What’s new in identity theft protection?

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With all the hundreds of quests from our survey, its a Hass Associates pleasure to answer those today! As what we have observed, identity theft is on the top where individuals get so interested. In fact, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting on the average of 500,000 new victims each year, for the past decade. And so, we are glad to discuss this for you to be well- informed and have preventive measures, such as reducing and reporting scams and prosecuting scammers. These topics are followed by:

-online security and hardware concerns;
-earning money from legitimate work-at-home programs and work-at-home scams;
-credit cards and consumer issues;
-Nigerian and lottery scams;
-viruses and spyware;
-phishing scams;
-investment scams; and
-urban legends.

Obviously, many subscribers are interested in knowing out about new scams in these areas. This seems quite related to what we have been writing about. [...]