Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Internet users familiarize with scam thus scammers find new tactics

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Maybe you are wondering that there are sorts of emails in your inbox that does sounds unfamiliar but very pleasing. And, keeping you posted which sometimes goes like this. “I know this will come as a surprise to you, because you do not know me. My name is Abdul Al-Shallah and I am the son of a deposed government official in Nigeria.”

This is just an example of the growing cases on the web in which anyone can be shrouded- SCAM. This is the Nigerian scam’s boilerplate opening; it is one of the most popular scam in the world. Whatever you call it, Nigerian scam, “419 scam” or advance fee scheme, the elements is always the same. A royalty or some sort of official has come into a lot of money and he is in need of another person outside of the country to use their money for a bribe to spring the money free or sometimes to pay legal fees among other means.