Sunday, May 17, 2015


NuData Security reveals improvements to online fraud detection engine

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Software development company NuData Security recently revealed its enhancements to its online fraud detection engine called NuDetect, according to Hass and Associates Cyber Security.

They added new powerful anti-fraud tools, based on continuous behavioral analysis and compiled behavioral biometric data. This enables them to significantly reduce the probability of fraud while also avoiding false positives.

NuDetect's expanded array of behavioral biometric sensors achieves 97 percent accuracy in verifying a user's identity. Its improved user interface acts as an "early warning system" that makes high-risk events easily accessible to security teams. This enhancement allows detection as early as 15 days before a fraud attempt is made wherein it provided the client with sufficient time to track, discover and avoid fraudulent transactions from happening.

Institutions that fall victim to fraud are at risk of losing large amount of money and customers, and suffering long-term brand damage. To avoid additional damages, NuDetect provides an immediate solution through behavior-based fraud detection, real-time detection and mitigation, faster development, historical context awareness, invisible implementation, and reducing cost and workload.

Furthermore, NuDetect utilizes behavioral biometric to greatly improve on traditional device identity and deliver far more intelligence than traditionally available, without interrupting a user's experience. It monitors activity in real time that allows the client to easily take action against fraud because the system shows fraudsters' intent before they have a chance to penetrate and do damage. It also allows for deployment in just a couple of days so that companies are equipped to defend against fraud as quickly as possible.

NuDetect also uses historical cross-session and cross-cloud behavior patterns stored in the NuData cloud. This provides outstanding accuracy and security from day one. Institutions are able to determine risk and deploy necessary security countermeasures only to the most suspicious actors.

With this platform, more back-end work is completed in advance, therefore lowering institutions' expenses and developer needs. Moreover, these institutions need to do less work to customize how data is sent, further improving deployment time.

Nowadays, it is obvious that attackers become more sophisticated in terms of identity theft, therefore institutions must quickly implement strong fraud detection measures. NuDetect's improved features put highly effective anti-fraud tools into the clients' hands. It provides clients with a more in-depth view in how fraud attacks functions and the full fraud lifecycle, instead of focusing only at the fraudulent purchase of goods.

The company of NuData Security predicts and prevents online fraud, protecting businesses from brand damage and financial loss caused by fraudulent or malicious attacks. NuData Security analyzes and scores billions of users per year and services some of the largest e-commerce and web properties worldwide.